About Me

I am a technology executive specializing in disciplined growth and exits for startups. As a serial entrepreneur, I have been a CEO, CTO or VP for five different startups. I have led or been a key leader of three different acquisitions. I currently advise two startups and am open to positions on the advisory board of other small companies.

My first blog entry provides a little more background on my journey. My LinkedIn profile provides details of my professional experience.


I’ve run engineering, sales, channels, product management, business development, and operations (finance, legal, HR). I can design and build a cloud strategy and infrastructure. I can carry a quota and close deals. I can analyze markets and design and execute on product strategy. I can read financial statements and close the books. I can negotiate legal terms and execute contracts. I’ve hired prospective candidates and I’ve fired employees that didn’t fit. I’ve seen success and I’ve failed many times. With this broad background, I can provide multi-dimensional perspectives to shepherd a company.


Where many engineers focus on building the best technology, I focus on building technology that works best. I blend my 18 years of hands-on technical skill with 15 years of business leadership and execution to right-size a company’s technology investments from seed stage through series C funding and beyond. I specialize in applications, databases, security and networking.


More importantly, I believe in the importance of great relationships, starting with your family. I volunteer my time to support children’s causes. I’ve had great mentors in my life, so I believe in giving back.


I blow off steam with sports, travel, photography and faith. I’m working on building a portfolio of my photography – stay tuned!


I was a real nerd growing up. I did a pretty good job of hiding this from my girlfriend (now wife) until she saw my high school yearbook.

I started programming in junior high school. I became a little obsessive with computers once I got an Apple ][ Plus after 9th grade. I learned dBase II and Clipper programming and started a database development business in 11th grade. I studied Computer Science at U.C. Berkeley and continued with graduate studies in Databases at Stanford.

Thankfully, I learned to appreciate people more than technology (my wife loves people and is not a techie). So instead of just talking nerd knobs with a bunch of propellor heads, I now focus on using technology to solve business and people problems.